Literally: The 14

The 14 is a euphemism for "knife". It refers to 14 inch knives that are often used for mugging purposes.

- Chtk jabd nokia pile fin mcha lik l iphone ?

- Wagfo 3lia lbar7 brba3tach odawh

- Why do you have an old Nokia phone, what happened to your iphone ?

- I got mugged yesterday, they pulled out a 14" knife and took my phone

Added on July 3, 2023

Literally: Gloves

Slang for boxing. Originates from "les gants", which is French for "gloves". Someone who does lliga is someone who trains in boxing, since boxers wear gloves.

Added on November 25, 2022

Literally: A fattened one, or one that is made with smen

Msemna is the singular form of msmen, a Moroccan dish that looks like a flat square pancake. Figuratively, it also means a slap to the face.

Added on February 14, 2021