Literally: Deep

A pejorative term to describe someone who tries too hard to sound deep.

Closest English equivalent: pseudo-intellectual.

Hamza 3ami9, kaytmazzak ghir l metal

Hamza is deep, he only listens to metal

Added on January 10, 2023

Literally: Small raisin

A derogatory term used to describe men who put women on a pedestal. Closest English equivalent: simp.

Added on August 10, 2020

Literally: Look how cute he is

Originates from the French sentence "qu'il est mignon". Opposite of "wld cha3b". Said about spoiled children who grew up in privileged households where parents usually speak to their children in French instead of Darija or Chel7a.

-Chti l7dida jdida dial Simo ?

-Hadak ra ghir kilimini, chariha lih bah

-Did you see Simo's new ride ?

-He's just a kilimini, his father bought it for him

Added on July 27, 2020

Literally: Your father is my friend

Said about the act of achieving an undeserved goal thanks to one's parents' connections. Oftentimes used in the context of job hunting. Synonym of "m3arfa".

Added on September 20, 2019